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Getting Further Dating Advice

If you're still hungry to learn more about the ins and outs of dating, there are a number of next steps you can take to take it to the next level.

The Association of British Introduction Agencies

The longest-established and best-known organisation for the dating industry is the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), which was formed in 1981 to look after customers of dating agencies. You'll find lots of useful information on the website, including details, coverage, memberships and pricing of all dating agencies - including providers of this site Dating Agency and Singles Club RSVP - that are members of the ABIA.

The ABIA site also has a downloadable Code of Practice, which all member dating agencies follow. This is also a useful guide to what to look for if you choose an agency that isn't a member of the ABIA.

Note that the ABIA can only provide advice and handle complaints about their own member agencies; they will not be able to help with problems if you joined a dating agency that isn't a member of the ABIA.

Download the ABIA Dating Guide Farmer Wants a Wife on TV Coaching for dating


Have a look at the some 9,000 books on dating available at online book retailer Amazon. Though do take care to choose vlumes that are written with the British dating market in mind - and are well-reviewed by other buyers. Dating conventions and techniques are different in different countries and what might work well and be perfectly acceptable in one country may create an entirely opposite result in others.

One book single ladies may find especially useful is Savvy!: The Modern Girl's Guide to Doing It All Without Risking It All by Fiona Bruce and Jacqui Hames. This up-to-date reference book perfectly balances the opportunities of singledom with sensible approaches to safety and looking after yourself.


Television programmes such as Farmer Wants A Wife and 28 Dates Later watch people go through the mechanics of dating, which can be useful for picking up tips and techniques. Though, bear in mind that, like all TV programmes, what you see is highly staged and edited, however 'natural' it may look.

Savvy: the modern girl's guide to having it all without risking it all One-to-one advice Lots of dating books available

One-to-one advice and help

Aside from the sources above, there are a number of dating coaches offering their services to daters. You'll find details of the types of service on offer on our personal coaching page.

Bear in mind, also, that if you want advice during your membership of a dating agency, many offer a membership - such as RSVP's Platinum service - where you get plenty of one-on-one attention from a dedicated matchmaker as part of the service. In some cases, your membership will entitle you to the services of the owner or managing director of the agency, who will be on the end of the phone for any dating quandaries in which you find yourself.

Friends and colleagues

Whilst many well-meaning friends and colleagues will do their best to 'match you up' when you are single, you need to be a little wary of such situations. After all, you are not some commodity to be shipped around to make your friends feel useful. Keep in mind, also, that successful dating is all about opportunity; and even the most well-connected friend is only going to know a handful of single girls or guys.

There really is value to be had in putting your future happiness in the hands of the professionals. After all, would you let your friends choose your next house for you? Or your next job?

Be polite but be firm.

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